Soulmates & Strangers takes the reader on an intimate journey of two soulmates who first connected as teens and remained kindred spirits for the rest of their lives.

Before email or Facetime, Sylvia, a 15-year-old girl living in the Bronx, connected with a pen pal named Claudia, from Lyon, France. Their writings to one another, starting when they were teenagers and ending 6 decades later, preserve a precious time in the past, while inspiring generations of the future.

This is the heart-warming book based on the packet of letters treasured and saved by the French pen pal from her American friend. In this moving memoir, the reader is taken on a journey of discovery with two teenagers as they experience food and housing shortages during World War II, the early Hollywood film industry, an exchange of magazines, recipes, and poetry, and descriptions of their lives and loves over a 60-year period in the 20th century.

Soulmates & Strangers takes the reader on an intimate journey of two soulmates who first connected as teens and remained kindred spirits for the rest of their lives.

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Meet the translator of Soulmates and Strangers

Listen in on this intimate conversation between the author, Judith Umlas and the translator, Valerie Galinsky to truly understand and gain insights into how challenging and rewarding a process doing a first-class, truly accurate translation is! Your heart will be warmed, and your mind will be stimulated as you read this warm and loving personal memoir about the author and her “two mothers.”

Readers may be students in university or high school French classes, native French speakers, French-American organizations such as FIAF French Institute Alliance Française, French-American Foundation, France-Amerique and much more!

Valerie Galinsky is from the Caribbean island of Martinique and has always been fascinated by the power of languages. Her mother tongue is French and she holds a French baccalaureate degree.

"What could be more beautiful than the story of an enduring friendship lasting close to 70 years, between two people who, when it began, didn't even know each other? This friendship is passed on from one generation to another, from mother to daughter, and centers around two women living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Using her story-telling experience and great affection for her mother and her « French parents », Judith Umlas recounts a real adventure – nothing added, nothing embroidered. Through the writing of this book, Judy has accomplished a real, precious, and difficult piece of historical research in trying to reconstruct as much as possible about the 70 years of uninterrupted friendship. She has brought together and arranged everything that she collected in the USA and in France to tell the story of these two friends, inseparable until severe illness and death."


Professeur associé à l'université de Sherbrooke
Co-directeur de la collection Profession cadre Service public

“This book is a thoroughly touching, and at many times humorous, tribute to a mother, a friendship, and a time past. In the form of letters written between her mother and French pen pal, the author received the unique inheritance of insight into a period of her parent’s life of which she would have otherwise been unaware. How rare it is for a grown daughter to be given a life-altering glimpse into the hopes, challenges, and thoughts on culture and current events of her mother’s formative years. In turn, she passes this gift, along with an appreciation for the French language and culture, on to the reader. The thoughtful inclusion of photos, a selection of letters, the “Cast of Characters”, and other supporting artwork adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to an already artfully laid out story. Part personal memoir, part history lesson, this book is an entirely enjoyable as well as valuable exploration.”


Adult Services Librarian
Valley Cottage Library

“I feel honored to know Judith in a whole new and deeply gratifying way, through her latest book, Soulmates & Strangers. As a sounding board and feedback giver to Judith as she developed and wrote ground-breaking business books, including The Power of Acknowledgment and Grateful Leadership, I thought I knew her well. However, Soulmates & Strangers gave me a whole new and intimate look into her life, her relationship with her mother, and other family members. The treasured letters from her mother to her French pen pal featured in the book are a priceless gift from a young girl to her future daughter and they provided Judith with an unprecedented glimpse into her mother's life, her hopes, and her dreams as a young woman. Told through the eyes of those who witnessed the challenges of the 20th century, including a World War, food shortages, and the pain of entire neighborhoods giving up their sons, the pen pal’s heartfelt letters provide insight into the similarities between cultures, across time and space.”


Founder, President & CEO
International Institute for Learning, Inc.

Legacy of letters: Relationship begins as pen pals, grows to family bond

“The letters were so packed with personal information and their loves and hates and the movie stars of the day,” Judith said, adding that she sobbed the first time she read some of the letters.

Soulmates & Strangers Book Launch

Watch the March 23, 2022 Soulmates & Strangers Book Launch at the Palisades Free Library, in Palisades, N.Y. The event was hosted by Emly Nevill, Adult Services Librarian, and led by author Judith Umlas.

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"My children and grandchildren will get to know my grandmother and the incredible woman she was."

-Stefanie Armstrong
Daughter of Judith Umlas
Author of Soulmates & Strangers