An Idea is Born

At H&W, we strive to empower authors to use their message to inspire changes that are important to them on a deep and personal level.

Handler and Wagreich came into existence because of the legacy of generations of writers and their love of language. The books we publish at Handler and Wagreich are designed to make a difference in the world; a value that's been handed down from both the Handler and Wagreich lineage.


Publishing with a Purpose

The source of all change is words. The words a person puts together, whether spoken or written, express the essential meanings that inspire us.

Handler & Wagreich Publishing is dedicated to creating positive change in the world through books offering powerful, transformational messages. We work closely with authors who share this vision. Each book we publish also helps us support organizations working to advance the author’s intention.  


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"My children and grandchildren will get to know my grandmother and the incredible woman she was."

-Stefanie Armstrong
Daughter of Judith Umlas
Author of Soulmates & Strangers


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