Recovery and Self-Improvement

Many families endure trauma – illness, addiction, sudden life-changing events, or long-term, chronic sources of pain. Sometimes we see only darkness, with no lantern of hope to guide us through. H&W will publish books that address such challenges with realism – from those who know intimately the suffering of loved ones affected, but who also offer hope for survival, recovery, and restoration of purpose in life.

Readers will meet special, inspiring people whose journeys have led to a path of growth and spiritual development. H&W will donate a portion of its proceeds to organizations making a difference in the field of recovery and self-improvement.


In an era when heroin use has become an epidemic, Stefanie takes you on her journey through jail and rehabs as she struggles to find her way out of the brutal grips of addiction. This is the real account of her story as she's experiencing it. May those who battle with this beast find their way into the light.