Education and Technology

Many of us have barriers associated with new technology and the marvelous capabilities it offers. While some say people of a certain age and/or gender have greater difficulty adapting, we do not agree – the problem is often just to find the right guidance from an understanding and empathetic teacher. H&W publishes books in this field that remove barriers to the power of technology, that develop real understanding, skill, and mastery in easy steps.

Our purpose is to make a difference by offering access to all who are interested, all who can benefit – especially those who may have come to feel hopeless about ever acquiring facility with the new tools. Our belief is that H&W’s readers will apply the power they gain toward positive change in the world. H&W will donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations working to increase access to education in mathematics, science, and technology.


Bob Umlas has found that many people who try to learn Excel from a book simply just don't get it, get confused early, and give up! This book is his attempt to use baby steps to get readers to have Excel finally kick in! After reading this book you'll be ready for Excel for Dummies!