Children's Books

Children, too, can make a difference. They are the future agents of extraordinary, positive change in the world, bearers of light and messengers of hope. H&W books are created not just to entertain and engage, but to inspire children toward this destiny.

Through quality writing, beautiful design and richness of illustration, H&W offers imaginative and meaningful tales of inner growth and deep understanding of others – authors and artists who can empower young listeners and readers to develop empathy and integrity, appreciate the world around them, and grow to fulfill their purposes. H&W will donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations advocating for the rights and well-being of children.


Luis and Teresa have fled with Mamá, seeking refuge in the United States. But some angry people don’t want them. Will Papá escape to join them again? Will they ever be welcome in America? One moonlit night, American eagles take the children on a miraculous journey of hope, to show them the real America …

A moving story about an undocumented family, this beautifully illustrated picture book (designed for ages 5-8) reminds us of America’s tradition as a nation welcoming refugees from all parts of the world. Through its pages, parents and children can visit some of our most meaningful sites, and experience the patriotic message they have for us all.

Let the eagles take you on an unforgettable journey, in a book to be treasured for its beauty and timelessness.

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